This Bunneh is Ear-resistable

This is Manny. Manny is so cute you will want to give him a treat. And he will ALWAYS know when you have one.

“We have some really funny cute videos of Manny “binking” around the house like a Matrix rabbit. We will send one soon. I love this one of him sitting all proper. He just needs a top hat and a bow tie!” -Maddy, Jodi and Jacy (11yo), Madeline T.



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Ear-resistable, is right! Goodness!!

  2. sabrina rose says:

    Manny, if you will sit on my lap and let me stroke those ears, I will give you a lifetime supply of carrots! Your little feeties are pretty darn cute, also!! Can’t wait to see your binking video!!! 🙂

  3. *taps her meter* The disapproval is rising…

  4. The leetle feets all lined up!! Squeeeeeeeeeee! *thunk*

  5. SixFootJen says:


  6. MaddyT1971 says:


  7. MaddyT1971 says:

    Here’s a fun one (but keep in mind this was early on in our bunny parenting…no more cords are out and about now!)

  8. MaddyT1971 says:

    And this one….

    We love our Manny.

  9. Omg, I *loff* him…

  10. loribelle says:

    Oh my ears and whiskers!

  11. “…binking around the house like a Matrix rabbit.” This the BEST analogy to describe that phenomenon! Love eet! 🙂 (Doesn’t he trip on his ears a lot?)

  12. How does she avoid stepping on those ears?

  13. I was wondering the same thing!

  14. MaddyT1971 says:

    There is some ear tripping occasionally. I will have to try to record that. Right now we are working on a collage of flopping. For all of you bunny owners out there, you know how fun and adorable it is when your bunny is so happy that he does a side-ways Garfield-type nap attack and flops over immediately to sleep! My favorite is when he does it and his little nose ends up point straight up in the air. 🙂

  15. MaddyT1971 says:

    Ok, one more video and then I’ll stop! 🙂

  16. Looks like the jedi of bunny rabbits