Have A Bunderful Sunday!

Or is that a “Sunderful Bunday?” Whatever. Hey, meet Mabel, willya?

“A baby bun, small in stature but ascending quickly to heights of Bun-dom,” says Mabel’s hoomin, Coleen P.

“We live in Paris. She enjoys books, and her Moose, and her Platypus.”

“Thanks for a great site. I’ve been a fan for years and the photos/commentary always make for a smile.”

“My best to you, Coleen P.”

C’est notre plaisir, Coleen.



  1. Mabel.
    I. Am. Ded.

  2. For some reason, the hovertext “This is Mikey, my moose” cracked me up just now. Perhaps I’m just weird… But I find it exceedingly funny.

  3. It is just cruel to see a perfect display of bunneh tum and not be able to snorgle it

  4. I want a bunny! And a moose! And a platypus!

  5. So cuteeeeeeeee!!!

  6. Preferably in an apartment in Paris, with a morose cat named Alain and a blasé Shih-Tzu named Fiona

  7. Paul and Barb says:

    La petite Mabel, incroyablement adorable!

  8. 260Oakley says:

    Looks like Mabel is lapin up the attention.

  9. Cutest bunny EVER!

  10. [babbling, followed by squeeing, followed by *thunk!*] * weakly* Medic?!

  11. French and a moose? I guess she’s preparing for a trip to Canada.

  12. Why would my cat be morose? I wouldn’t let the kitty be that way, even if it took lots of treats and toys! 🙂
    (But the apartment in Paris sounds nice…)

  13. Sorry! I meant I, too, want a bunny with moose and platypus stuffies hopping around a Paris apartment, with a cat and a dog. Why morose? Dunno – I guessed my imaginary Parisian cat would be sullen and snarky and nonetheless sexy, like a young Alain Delon…

  14. Colleen Pearl says:

    Thanks for all the affirmations of Mabel’s cuteness! I’m her hoomin. She’s a great pleasure to have for company. Elle est coquine et une noceuse. And she really loves Mikey the moose. Thanks for giving it a name.