Caturday: Best Kitteh Name EVER!

Are you ready for it?
Sure can handle it?
Last chance to back out…



The YT post adds JP is seeing snow for the FOIST time.



  1. Twizler Monkey says:

    Jumbo Pillow!! Wish I could lay my head on him/her/it!

  2. 4leafclover says:

    EEE!! I love it! What a confuzzled little marshmallow!! (With toasted marshmallow head and tail)!

  3. he is like totally perplexed, what is this stuff it is wet and coooold! yikes what happend to the world lol

  4. mrgrnforever says:

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    Last random post 4 today.

  5. And seems to be wearing a tiny blue backpack.

  6. Ooh boy, that is fabulous. Though I did see a poster for a lost cat named “Bundle” once.

  7. He’s sweet! But I worry that Persian/Exotic Shorthair cats are going to go down the same tragic genetic road bulldogs have.

  8. Clairdelune says:

    Purrrfect description!! 😀

  9. Clairdelune says:

    Me too. Love that fuzzy roly-poly, but that over-smushed-in face disturbs me…

  10. Everything has gone white. My toes are cold. My nose is cold. There are no smells. There are no tastes.
    Is this heaven, or is this hell?

  11. A superfloofy bewilderpuss 🙂

  12. Open the other door! The door that doesn’t have all this cold stuff outside!

  13. That is one floofy hunk o’chunk.

  14. Smartypants says:

    Maybe it’s a teeny keg, like a St. Bernard carries? (in cartoons, at least).

  15. Same here 😦 I wish they would start IMMEDIATELY to undo that overly smushed in face on those dear sweet kitties by breeding it out PERMANTENTLY 😦

  16. AWW 🙂 Pick up that dear sweet kitty 🙂

  17. (me three.)

  18. Fourthed. (Part of why I’ve always had mutts….)

  19. (same here. shhhhh, secret squirrel, over and out.)

  20. You guys remember those triplet kittens with the piglet pillows from a while back? This is their dad! They’re all on sweetfurr’s youtube site.