Nosevember 1st : 24 Hours Of Noses @ 11:48pm PT

Whew! And we’re wrapping up a very busy 48 hours with the conclusion of our 24 Hours Of Noses. Will you look at this slippery fellow? If evah there was a face meant for a snorgle, this is it!

Submitted by Doris/Pred’s Mom, as seen here.

24 Hours Of Noses was powered by a four pack of Oikos Greek Yogurt (Blueberry,) a few leftover Candy Corn Oreos, a bag of grapes from Safeway, and a jug of Trader Joe’s Apple Cider. This is your announcer, Don Pardo, and we now return to our regular stuff.



  1. Dog Lover says:

    Be still my heart. Pardon me while I plant a big ol’ smoochy smooch on those adorable leeps. 🙂

  2. Okay. Usually, pinnipeds are cute.

    This particularly photo, though? Unflattering. Creepy as all hell. Very E.T.-like.

  3. The Original Jane says:

    He looks like a Dr. Seuss landscape with weird plants and trees growing out of it.

  4. I think he is precious! Adorable! You see, I am the mom of 2 Old English Bulldogs and I’ve heard it all- they are ugly, they have faces only a mother could love and I say they are MY LOVE BUGS !

  5. So you’re saying….E.T. is creepy? E.T???

  6. zosterops says:

    Creepy indeed, vaguely human somehow, uncanny valley I say …

  7. In what world is E.T. NOT creepy?

  8. Yeah I think that’s part of it.