Um, We Were Saving the Best for Last?

Here it is Halloween and we reckoned CO had a great month of squee-worthy treats. Hmm, but there was a haunting feeling something was missing…. Then we felt the disapproving stares… Uh-oh, that’s it! We only posted two Halloween buns so far! Eeek! Here’s two more.

Good evening, Mr. Thor, love the winged helmet.

Hello there, and whooo are you?

“Here’s my bunny, Bindi Loo, dressed as “Thor- Bun of Thunder” for Halloween. He thinks he looks pretty tough.” -Stephanie G.
“My 5 year old daughter, June, wanted our bunny Bunbun to be an owl for Halloween! I took this picture in my studio! Bunbun is 6 months old, and is a sable point Holland Lop. We look at Cute Overload everyday and LOVE it!” -Natalie F.



  1. It occurs to me that I’ve never seen a Bun dressed up as ‘Bunnicula’ for Halloween (I suppose that’s too obvious for most people… I loved those books as a kid though…)

  2. I love these. That hat for Thor, the 70’s macreme vibe of the owl. not to mention the bunnies are pretty cute too.

  3. Everyone realises that owl bunny it totally Photoshopped and isn’t really wearing that costume, right?

  4. the owl costume is badly photoshopped on.