Tonight’s Gonna Be A Thriller!

There’s something at the front door! Go see!

“This is my cat Līzīte (Lizzie) saying hi from under the sofa. Don’t worry, she doesn’t have trouble getting out of there.” Sincerely, Anna from Latvia



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    She’s very pretty even with wack-a-doodle eyes!

  2. [When I stares like this, they can’t sees me] Nice picture of a sofa.

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    Lizzie didn’t realize that an NFL Line backer was coming over to check out the new leather couch. squish crunch smoosh. Why couldn’t the hoomans be friends with the ballet people.

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I’ve read about college football coaches that made athletes take classes in ballet and stuff like that to build flexibility, agility, and useful skills like throwing skinny girls around.

  5. I used to do martial arts, back in the day when I could get out of a chair without going “ouufff”. I attended quite a tough dojo. The guys were hugely delighted when they heard the students of a visiting dojo did ballet training, expecting them to be right cissies. It was hugely enjoyable to watch the ballet-trained martial artists dance around and kick the seven bells of Shannon out of them (much as I loved them). The problem was that, because they only did strength training, their muscles were short and bulky whereas the ballerinas’ muscles were well-developed, but lengthened by their training. They couldn’t get near them.

  6. AWW 😀 Lizzie is such a beautiful white kitty you have, Anna from Latvia 😀

  7. Yeah, I remember seeing a program about this football player who took up ballet in order to recover from a leg injury. Not only did it help, but he could move like a jackrabbit all over the football field.