I’m Gonna Eat ALL Of These

After lying low for a long time, Teddy Bear The Talking Porcupine is back with his second Halloween video in two days. Tedster, save some room for candy corn later tonight, dude!



  1. LOL..I swear I heard him say “this is fun” @ 1:25!! Love this little dude!

  2. You know, I’ve LOVED Teddy’s videos from the first, but I suspect he vocalizes because the lady is getting too close to him. I hate to think that she is “teasing” him to get that reaction, but I don’t know. He doesn’t really seem disturbed, though. Anyone think this is teasing?

  3. She’s figured out that if she puts her hand out in any way that seems like she might take the food, he vocalizes at her. That’s why she zooms in; it hides the hand she’s putting out. But I don’t mind. It’s two minutes of his life and he still gets to eat all that stuff!

  4. Teddy is a riot!

  5. I ❤ Teddy.

    I thought I heard him say – after she asks what he's found at the beginning – "Pumpkin, yeah?" Also, "mine, mine, mine" around 57 seconds. 🙂

  6. at 20 second mark it sounds like he says ‘good’
    Teddy is so cute & so vocal!

  7. OH MY DAWG!!!! Is this for real?

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That’s pretty much my take. As much as I do for my dog the least he can do is tolerate the dumb costumes I make him wear long enough to take pictures.

  9. Every second of this video is perfection. I loff heem so much!!

  10. Paula Mercer says:

    My beagle makes cute gutter sounds when he is happy – I think this is the same king of thing

  11. I was thinking the same thing: I loff Teddybear!

  12. Teddy’s got sharp teef! He can tear right through that tough pumpkin skin. 😮

  13. An embarrassment of riches, for him AND for us!