I’ll Have A Cold Pear Juice And One Kitteh, Please

Yesterday, we did a story about Owl Cafés in Japan. So now, just in time for Halloween, we’ve got a story about the first All-Black Cat Café in The Big J. It’s called the Cat Café Nekobayaka, located in the city of Himeji, Miyagi Prefecture.

[If owlz & kittehs aren’t quite your style–there are always PENGUINS.]

You go to these Cat Cafés, and pay a fee to have something to drink, and pet the kittehs. Can. You. Imagine.

According to RocketNews24, “The admission fee is 1,000 yen (US$10.16) for the first half hour and 500 yen for every half hour beyond that.”

They’ve been open for two years, but this location held a grand reopening to go all-black.









  1. doomchild says:

    Very sweet and all that, but I wonder what happens to the cats when the cafe is closed? Are they left alone for vacations and nights?

  2. Omg, I want the sofa arm cover thingy with the kitteh eyes!

    I love black kittehs! Have four of them myself. Unfortunately three of my four hide from other people, so nobody else gets to see how beautiful they are. 🙂

  3. At our Humane Society, there are rooms of kittehs where you can sit and before your bottom hits the chair, there’s a meower in your lap. They also have private rooms where you can visit with the anipal you’re considering adopting so you (and the staff) can see if you’re a good match. No drinks served, but it’s all free. Best deal in town!

  4. They all look my very first kitty, Figaro, and I’d be hard pressed to keep from smuggling them all home in my purse.

  5. There’s a cat cafe in Munich, which has free entry. My 21 month old loved it when we went there…the cats, not so much.

  6. Smartypants says:

    Oh yes, ours does too! (“Purradise” in Great Barrington, MA). It’s great, they welcome people to come hang out in the sunroom with the kittehs b/c it helps socialize them. Last time I was there, one got adopted practically right off my lap because the family could see how friendly he was.

  7. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Since I spend a lot of time fending off my 3 cats when I’m trying to eat at home, I probably wouldn’t go. As a proud “mama” of 2 beautiful black cats (and one handsome grey and black striped cat) I like the concept, though!

  8. I feel the same way, LeAnn 😀 I would have REALLY control myself from not taking any if not all of those dear sweet black kitties home with me to Canada 😀

  9. If I could go to your Humane Societies, Emmm and Smartypants, and a kitty or two or more wound up in my lap, I would have no choice but adopt them on the spot because I could not bear to leave them behind 😀 The only problem I would have would be how to get those dear sweet kitties to Canada 😀

  10. The one I’m talkin’ about IS in Canada, Teresa. Problem solved. I’ll call ahead and reserve a visiting room for ya. (btw, how do you put smilie faces here??)
    (this is from Emmm, although comes up as emmmjama for some reason)

  11. Yeah, if they’re not at Ikea, where are they?

  12. Smartypants says:

    I do smiley faces by hitting Colon, Dash, Right Parenthesis – and when it posts, it comes out as a smiley 🙂

  13. Are you sure this isn’t my house? Well, it should be.

  14. It’s actually Hyogo prefecture. I live in Himeji but I haven’t been to this place!