‘Tocktober 2013: The End

People, we’ve come to not only the end of Halloween, but the end of ‘Tocktober! We thank you for the many terrific images you sent in! These photos seems to wrap up ‘Tocktober pretty well:

“Padme ‘Hamie’ Dala says farewell to a lovely month of ‘Tocks. Thank you C.O.” -Susan G.

“Being that Tocktober’s ‘end’ is tonight, I figured that I better get this in. I used to take photographs for the website of our local Humane Society and this little dude was having none of it.” -Mike B.

A Prosh Porker Posterior, from Cuteporter Terri D.

“Hello, this seems like a good transitional picture from ‘Tocktober to Nosevember. My dog Tokoloshi (Toko for short) doing her best ‘Firefox‘ impression. Toko was rescued from our local shelter in 2011. Photo by her hoomin CDM, (me) who has been visiting Cute Overload daily for years and years. Thanks C.O. for your site- it’s great!!”

CDM is right! We kick off NOSEVEMBER in just a little while. Stay tuned! W00t!



  1. I don’t wanna say goodbye, Tocktober. I need you!

    “Never can say goodbye…No, no, no, I never can say goodbye.”

  2. So sad my baby didn’t make the tocktober cut. So I’m sneeking in his “tock” shot as my new avatar.

  3. I need to know everything about that animal in the first picture!!!!! What is it? Are there any pictures of its front? It’s so teensy!!!

  4. Smartypants says:

    Oh, that’s a good one!