Gulliver Loffs Pumpkins

So, this is what a pumpkin looks like?

image (2)
So, this is what a pumpkin tastes like. Nyang, nyang, nyang.

image (1)
Sadie’s all, “You know this is just a phase… it’ll pass.”

“Here are photos of our dogs Sadie, and Gulliver (the Leonberger puppy).  I was trying to get a nice shot of them together with the pumpkins, but Gulliver thought the pumpkins looked too tasty to resist!  He thought he was being sneaky in trying to get a bite.” -Christina V.



  1. nom nom nommity nom

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Sadie sez: I told him it was an orange milkshake and the thing on top was a straw. I’ve nicknamed him “Gullible.”

  3. I saw these guys on Daily Puppy recently – sooo cute!