Did Someone Say “Halloween?” We Can Do That!

We’ve received a lot of terrific Halloween photos. (Thank you!) Here’s another bunch of Little Monsters!

TEXTBOOK Impending Doom, from Flickrer Linda C. as seen on Tumblr.

“My Sphynx kitteh Toothless had a tail injury and had it removed. Fortunately it has provided us with some costume advantages, like a Bun at Easter and a Clown for Halloween! Photos by me and I accept your Terms and Conditions as outlined on your website.” -Shonna O.

“Our pup is in a Halloween contest on Dogster.com. If we win, we’ll donate the prize to the local animal shelter (Dakin Pioneer Valley Animal Shelter, Springfield, MA.) If Quincy Bean is posted on Cute Overload, I’m sure she’ll get lots of new votes!! Best wishes, Bryn S.”

Sir Lucifur Fluffypants has his gameface on. Twenty-four/Seven/Three Sixty-Five.

“This is my cat Hans (commonly referred to by his nicknames Hansy and Meow-Meow.) He’s named after political theorist Hans Morgenthau, but prefers Chairman Meow. I love your website and so does Hansy.” -Margaret R.

Halloween Baroo! From Pets Adviser.com.

Darth Pugster, as seen on BuzzFeed, submitted by Claire M.

“This is Darby. Photo by D. Assid. Good luck, Darby!”

“Here’s our kitty, Lucy. About 6 years ago, she was just this little bitty thing. A friend had a photography studio at home, and we had some fun. Years later (last week), I’m STILL putting stuff on her head. I am Lucy’s Mommeh.” -Paula K.

Look! In The Sky On the floor! It’s SUPER STAN, from Natalie T.

“This is our Toy Manchester Terrier named Rudy. He actually is quite pleased with wearing a costume because he gets more attention and it’s warm and toasty.” -Renate R.




  1. If I where you .. I would but your shoes up high .. because we are all gonna crap in your them when your not looking because of these photos … Just saying ..

  2. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Doug, yes, Lucy DOES have that look about her, but she’s not really traumatised. Oh, and after looking at the back of a kitten photo of her, I realized she’s NINE!
    And thanks for putting her up, CO!

  3. lol… especially pic 2, with the clown wig & glasses… took me a minute to figure out what I was looking at… 😯

  4. Made me laugh! Thank you!

  5. hehe .. You and me both .. I guess we are *cough* ‘Behind’ the times.

  6. wordphreak says:

    Darth Vader wins. Hands down. The red eyes really sell it.

  7. Gai Eckert says:

    I voted for Quincy Bean on Dogster.com, especially since I got my Boston Terrier, Tuli, from Dakin three years ago. Go Quincy Bean!! Yay DPVHS!

  8. Smartypants says:

    #1 is like a cute version of the ‘glowing eyes’ scene in the Amityville Horror – that scared me for years!

    Say, I heard a new phrase today – someone asked me if I was “going out hootin'” tonight for Hallowe’en. I love it! Has anyone else heard this? (It was an older person, so maybe it’s an old-timey expression, like “hootin’ and hollerin'”?)

  9. AWW 😀 I just LOVE the kitties in their Halloween costumes 😀

  10. Go Quincy Bean! My family got our cat Mercury from the Dakin Animal Shelter too! Way to rep Western Mass 🙂