Where’s the Pumpkin, Milo?

Milo is eerily lost in an inescapable dimension of infinite identical pumpkin mutations. A phantom voice won’t stop asking, “Where is the pumpkin, Milo? Where is the pumpkin?
If only he could find THE pumpkin!  Ahhh!  What  is  this  madness?!

…..Sorry, got carried away… roll the cute video!

Just in time for Halloween, this is our 13th Milo post on CO, mwooohahahaaa.  Via Milo Meets World and YouTube!



  1. Whoa!!!! wait!! stop the presses!! Holy smokes!!!! All this time I thought this adorable little fluffer was named “Mi-lo” (with the i as eye and the lo as low).. but I do believe at the :39 mark, I heard his human call him “Millow” (rhyming with willow). Do my ears deceive me??? Does this make him EVEN CUTER?????

  2. That lady better be careful when she closes her eyes at night. Milo hired hisself a kitteh assassin. ( He’s a bit small to do it himself.)

  3. Stressfactor says:

    Oh, the squeekinks!! I’m more convinced than ever that Milo is not real — he’s some sort of new-fangled stuffed anipal!