If You Leave Your Punkin Outside In Sedona, Arizona..

…you’ve only got yourself to blame if this happens. Head on over to Safeway, Dan. They might still have one or two left.

“I shot this last week when I woke to find a herd of wild Javelinas/Peccaries devouring the pumpkin I’d left out to carve.” –Dan B.

[“Left Out” being the -critical- error here. -Ed]



  1. Those are some highly skilled professional snorfers, right there.

  2. Where’s the candy corn? We need candy corn!

  3. Peccary peccadilloes on the pumpkin cam.

  4. Love the schnoz-cam!

  5. i was just at safeway, they got none left. i got a plastic one. it’ll do for looking round and lighting up. but it won’t attract the javelinas. which is good. they hog all the baby ruths, too.

  6. I hate to be dubious, but if this was spontaneous, whence came a camera inside the pumpkin? He had me right up till then. It’s a marvelous shot, but it belies his initial explanation.

  7. Michael – it’s totally the way it went down. To get the pumpkin-cam shot, I simply walked up in between them and put it in there, they’re so tame that they hardly noticed!

  8. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Maybe he spooked them for a few moments, tossed his GoPro in the punkin & they came back? Maybe they are fairly fearless?

  9. Oh boy .. I know a few people in Sedona .. GUYS .. Hide the pumpkins !!

  10. Many years ago, one of our worst tabloid newspapers printed a front page article headlined, “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”. It was pure fabrication on the part of the comic’s notorious publicist, although it remains one of the best-known headlines of all time and is now synonymous with tabloid journalism.

    “Javelinas ate my pumpkin” must run a close second, though. 🙂

  11. And all we have here in lovely mid MI is racoons and possums… 🙂

  12. Never believe “The Sun” .. hehe

  13. You forgot the bobcats and bears wandering around .. (rarer thou-hehe)
    I do see a lot of Wild Turkeys and deer running around in the city too

  14. Austin Starr says:

    very cute! the music makes it. glad they didn’t eat the camera in the pumpkin.

  15. hehe .. That would have been like the “skit” in Blue Man Group’s show

  16. Dee's sister says:

    Thank goodness for mountain biking gear, huh!? 🙂

  17. I apologize for doubting you, then, Dan. I’m amazed they are that tame — they’re a game animal, right?, so I’d expect them to be cautious, like deer are (in this country — not in other countries where they aren’t shot at). And, you’re a braver man than I am; those things have tusks, it looks like it might be a family group, and if the male had decided to defend the others from you … Glad it worked out.

  18. Louise Lund says:

    I know; and the music building as they fight for their share…..