Fresh As A Daisy

Folks, say hi to Daisy Winston AKA Winny. He’s all dressed up for the big night tomorrow night. Cuteporter Patricia Steiner says “The flower fits him, he’s very shy.”




  1. michelle b adams says:

    It is my duty to inform you, as an Investigator of Non-native Species Who Might Pose Possible Ecobiological Imbalance, that sounds plausible, yeah, that I must procure for sequester – um, yeah, that’s it – this specimen. Forthwith! For an indeterminate time, until any such threat is ruled out. It’s for Public Safety!

  2. One of the SWEETEST faces I’ve ever seen, loveee!

  3. Smartypants says:

    Since he’s shy, does that make him a WALLflower?

    What a handsome fellow!

  4. -pause- Brilliant! Yes, it does!

  5. Dog Lover says:

    That face could melt a glacier. Maybe even bring about world peace.

  6. Perhaps it’s the light, or a reflection, but the skin ‘neath the fur around his oh so prettily earnest eyes and on his tiny adorable chest is the same delicate pink as the flower… Too sweet!!!

  7. Pat Steiner says:

    Not a reflection! He has plenty of cute pink spots! We’ve had many pets and have loved them all, but this one is just so so sweet!

  8. This reminds me very much of Piglet (from the 100 Acre Woods) in his Halloween flower costume. I love it =)

  9. lisaLASSIE says:

    *checks Michelle’s licenses.* Yes, yes, the sequester order is in order: but your license is 7 days out of date. I must take the creature from you…GIMMEEE…I mean, please hand it over to me. I am a Senor Investigator to your Investigator, so I win the pot…er, pup. Thank you.