THIS JUST IN: Teddy Bear Power-Noms Punkin!

Teddy Bear is back! Exhibiting his trademark Laser-Like Focus™, he noms a little punkin to death. And enjoys it.

And here’s last year’s Nom-Fest, so you can Contrast & Compare:



  1. Yay for Teddy! Glad to see the nom-ster enjoying his punkin. ❤

  2. It sounds like he is saying “nice nice nice.”

  3. I’m a big Teddy fan. This is almost as good as him hogging the corn.

  4. Cousin It.

  5. baileysgrandmom says:

    Too bad he’s not a girl–we could call her Chatty Cathy!

  6. When are the scientists going to get to work figuring out what Teddy is saying? He is definitely saying *somethin’*.

  7. My cats are intrigued by Teddy’s noises.

  8. you should take a video of your cats watching Teddy and put it on the Tube!

  9. Smartypants says:

    Teddy could become a voice artist for cartoons & video games – “We need cute animal noises – get me Teddy!”

  10. Thank you Teddy, those nom-noms really brightened my day – I needed that! 🙂

  11. I loff you, Teddy!!!!!!! 🙂

  12. I swear he says “delicious!” at around 0:06.

  13. it does sound like that!

  14. Boy .. times are hard .. He got a good sized “nomnom” last year .. this year’s a really small.

  15. Bless you, Teddy where ya’ been! I think he’s got even more chatty and the outburst at 1.32 had me snortin’ coffee out my nose.
    I think I’ve got a new tag: coffee snortin’ cute.
    Some of these posts could sure do some such warning!

  16. OMG! He said say that!

  17. So glad I found these videos…Once I heard similar noises while camping, but never told anyone about the “chattering elf” because the other campers would rightly assume i was crazy.

  18. I was just thinking about Teddy two days ago, and wondering if we were going to get any more of him! This makes me very happy.

  19. How come it’s cute when Teddy talks with his mouth full, but not us hoomins? 🙂

  20. Pat Steiner says:

    Love Teddy! Our whole family likes to watch him!

  21. HE REALLY TALKS…… geez. And I thought my Scottie “Arrooooos” were cute.