“I’ve Got A Cat On Me Back” UPDATED!

[Updated 9:12am PT Tuesday with another PP video. -Ed]

Postman Pat McIntyre has a job, as his name might suggest, delivering the Royal Mail. So one day he was leaving a note for someone on their porch, when this kitteh decided that Pat would make a nice play toy.

Thanks to Cuteporter Lisa M.



  1. He has catnip based body wash, doesn’t he?

  2. Men of CO? Oh, yes…

  3. Smartypants says:

    I love around 1:20 when he says “All right, ‘en, down”…and kitty just moves to his other shoulder!

    And yes, definitely “Men of CO” material.

  4. Aww, that kitty lurvs him!! Tuxie kitty so sweet, and has good taste.. :p

  5. so cute, even before i saw the postman pat cartoon – which just makes it more cute! it’s so funny, that cat is in loffs with him!! it’s almost acting like a dog, it loffs the attention 😀

  6. 1) accent 2) adorable with dimples 3) cat magnet. i need to marry this person pls.

  7. All right, if we can’t get a Men of CO calendar, how about a generously sized coffee table book, with nice glossy photos? Please, pretty please, with sugar and spice and kittens sleeping with dwarf hammies on top???!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG that cartoon is just wonderful! And yeah, Postman Pat and the black-and-white-cat need to be in the calendar. Soon.

  9. for whatever reason there is, my mums cat has a thing about my hair. I have to let the cat have some much anticipated ‘hair fix’. Over the last year and a half, I have filmed each ‘hair fix’ as best as I could. there are plenty of videos online for people to watch (the cat does take all this seriously) I know exactly how that postman feels!
    What’s worse for me is that the cat doesn’t do this to anybody else… she waits patiently for my arrival at my mums place and then begins five minutes of intensive cat treatment.
    I can’t use any other brand of shampoo other than Alberto Balsom Green Apple Shampoo.
    the one week I turned up after using lemon shampoo, I got my head bitten – lesson learnt.

  10. Cats are so weird.

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    And please include phone numbers and email of the single ones!! 🙂

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Kittie facials! I get mine most mornings as the sun is rising (especially if her food dish is empty)!

  13. Objection!
    We are aliens in the cat universe. They are just fine. WE are weird.

  14. Now that was a classic case of someone being owned by a cat. He was sooooooo adorbs (mr kitteh I mean). I love me some smoochy kitteh.

  15. I’m off to Superdrug, then.

  16. *carefully places marker into NOMTOM marrying line, and moves across to stake secondary claim in the Postman Pat marrying line*

  17. KIttyMarthaPoo says:

    Yes, that cat clearly loved him. “Hey, I luuuvvvrre you mister, take me home.”

  18. emmberrann says:

    Kitteh was leaving kissy “MINE” labels all over the postman. Bet his ears were all clean after their kitteh spit baffs!

  19. He´s a cat magnet!
    And judging by his good looks, probably a chick magnet too. 😉

  20. Do we know what happened with the kitteh and the postman? Did the postman take the kitteh home? 🙂

  21. And he was so sweet about it!

  22. Sorry boss I didn’t finish my route today. Had a cat on my back you see.

  23. Ah yes, cat hair fixations!

    My Suki has determined I don’t do a good enough job washing my hair, so after I wash and dry it, she will perch on my shoulder and proceed to give it a good licking, until it sticks out just so (I wear it short)… I can only imagine her vexation, living with a clearly inferior animal who can’t even groom herself properly!

  24. Loff that accent… Manchester?

  25. Sharon Wilson says:

    I deliver papers, and I had a kitteh jump in my car on the route once!

  26. If that dear sweet kitteh has no home and he is not alergic to kittehs, I hope so Kristyn & Laura and then he can take the kitteh with him as he delivers mail 😀

  27. If he did, then we’ll have to forward our address he can be our mailman with mailkitteh on his shoulders 🙂

  28. He works in Bristol, but the accent is only a lightly west-country one, by my judgement.

    This guy has already had some “fame”, appearing on last years series of The Choir: Sing While You Work http://www.classical-music.com/article/gareth-malones-choir-insiders-view

  29. at our house it would be
    and just who the heck have you been petting!?
    don’t tell me it’s not true, I can smell that other *** on you.

  30. The Original Jane says:

    I’m OBSESSED with that song now and I’d never heard of this animated show before now. Looks like Wallace and Gromit a bit. So the brits get all the great BBC shows and great animated kids shows TOO? So jealous.

  31. I preferred the original version http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uukgYgflCE (Well, actually my reaction was “that’s not the proper Postman Pat theme, what is this newfangled impostor/heresy”, but may just be me.)

  32. katrinab73 says:

    hahaha 🙂

  33. Jenny Islander says:

    Based on the second video, I think Kitty is in heat. Some queens become very cuddly and affectionate toward humans at the same time as they perform that roll-roll-drag-lick routine for any toms that might be watching. It’s like being in heat makes them happy and goofy.

  34. It sounds a bit north of the Border to me, but again, only lightly.

  35. I have to agree…hormones are involved!

  36. Then he would have to also have a tiny raincoat to keep his mailkitteh dry out here on the West Coast of Canada when it rains 😀

  37. Epic ky00tness 😀
    And with lil yellow booties, too ^.^

  38. Janeyferr says:

    One day about 10 years ago I saw an episode where Pat said “someone has nicked my sandwiches” and I knew it had changed for the worse.

    At least it’s not that Postman Pat: Special Delivery. Trying to make our Pat all high tech and fancy indeed.

  39. Hugebody McTinyhead says:

    So I just had a “cat on me back” episode of my own. One of the neighborhood kittehs, Tigerspeckles, climbed right on up and settled on top of my backpack. Didn’t move even when I stood up and started walking around, just purred.
    Bear in mind this is a cat I’ve petted maybe 5-6 times… if she’s like this with a comparative stranger, how does she act toward her own hoomins?