The Stare Of Death

[Listen hoomin. After this thing comes off, you and me are gonna dance. U current with your life insurance? Just sayin’.]

Via Reddit.



  1. No good will come of this!

  2. If looks could kill .. Someone would be in serious trouble right now …

  3. SlaveToCat says:

    Don’t tell me the cat made you do this to me. I know the cat isn’t responsible, THIS time.

  4. TheIglets says:

    Life Insurance, Litter Gitter whahahaha. Funny funny!

  5. Kellie A. says:

    This dog is SERIOUSLY ticked off!

  6. What pretty eyes to be shooting death rays out of them!

  7. “Your place looks flammable. Be a real shame if anything . . . happened to it.”
    I think an “impending doom” tag is in order for this look.

  8. thanks for the warning … now you’ll be laid to rest in that thing

  9. Needs an Impending Doom tag…just sayin’.

  10. If you think he’s mad now, wait till next week when the cone comes off and he tries to lick himself down there

  11. Oh! Looks almost like my dog! So cute!!

  12. Oh! Looks almost like my dog! So cute!!