Happy Oinkaween

Every Halloween the three cow piggies visit their friend the pumpkin piggie because all piggies are pumpkiny but the pumpkin piggie is pumpkiniest.

Via Cutearoo.



  1. That makes no sense and complete sense all at once.

  2. Why are there no Pumpkin Piggie Patches in Pennsylvania???? Feeling left out 😦

  3. Why am I relegated to the sad pumpkin?

  4. OH MAH GAH. *thud*

  5. I would help you, Theresa but I need to mop myself up…*Thud*

  6. DED here too.

  7. Pumpkins are a little more structurally sound than straw, these were probably protypes.

  8. ehm, … prototypes I mean.