Cute ‘Tocks

Cute ‘tocks, CO cute ‘tocks. What kind of ‘tocks are CO cute ‘tocks?
Big ‘tocks,

Little ‘tocks,

‘Tocks who climb on rocks!

Goat ‘tocks,

Matchingks ‘tocks,

Even ‘tocks like chicken ‘tocks.

Oh cute ‘tocks,

CO cute ‘tocks,

The ‘tocks peeps love to bite?! (pops in mouf)

Credits in the hovertexts!


  1. Mary (the first) says:

    All tocktastic, but Booyah made me laugh!

  2. I like your song …strangely, I read it to the tune of ‘O Tannenbaum’!

  3. Nancy Davis says:

    Don’t know if this is a regional thing, but that is MOST DEFINITELY the tune
    of the old (yep, old, from when I was a child) jingle for Armour hot dogs!!
    (“Hot dogs, Armour hot dogs, what kinds of kids eat Armour hot dogs..,,”)

  4. Squeeeeeee! Fluffeh bunneh ‘tocks! *swoons*

  5. Sophia Brooks says:

    Yes! “Even kids with chicken pox!”

  6. Dog Lover says:

    Rhino ‘tocks just keel me every time. Though I must admit to being strangely taken with the chicken butt!🙂

  7. Squee! Tockstober rox!

  8. Chickin ‘tocks provided by “Henny Penny”, Austin, TX.
    R.I.P., sweet Penny! Now you’re immortalized on the inter-webs!

  9. AWW😀 I just LOVE the kitty pictures😀

  10. Hi Rebecca – Not sure if you can see the hovertexts, but Henny Penny is duly credited in her photo, as any great chicken should be.
    I will update this post with a note about hovertext credits.


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