THIS JUST IN! New Maru And Hana

These two really enjoy each other’s company. Can you tell??



  1. Now there’s a video to watch over and over again! Love it, thank you! 🙂

  2. I definitely think Hana is making Maru act more like a kitten again. So cute!

  3. WOOT WOOT CO is ON IT today!! I didn’t get this item into my email yet and I subscribe to Maru’s channel (surprised, eh?? *giggle*) TOUCHDOWN CUTE OVERLOAD AND BRINKE!!!

    *the crowd DEFINITELY goes wild*

  4. Awww, that last shot!

  5. Awww!! Sooo Sweet
    I’m laughing outloud and sniffling back tears of laughter, don’t want to get the keyboard wet.

  6. I am surprised Hana hasn’t managed to work a few ounces off His Portliness.

  7. awww, his portliness is so delightfully inspired by the kitten, and kitten so delighted with big brother Maru. how darling; and yeh, that last portrait is sweet beyond words.

  8. I hope Maru’s owner makes a Halloween post >:3

  9. Mugumogu would run screaming from my house. I am always stunned at how SPOTLESS the house is. I saw a piece of cat food on the floor when Maru was on the table, and Hana was in the chair bopping him. Oh yeah the cats. Love seeing Maru jump around. Second kittenhood!

  10. The constant surprise attacks remind me of the relationship between Inspector Clouseau and Kato.

  11. I know 😀 It was so adoable how Maru lays there keeping watch while Hana has her nap while resting her little head on Maru 😀

  12. Indeed 😀

  13. I reckon he steals some of her food. 😀

  14. I have to admit to being a little concerned that his royal thickness was going to land on Hana a few times. Not on purr-pose of course.
    Oh, and Hana loves boxes as much as Maru.
    And also I love it how Mugumogu bothers to cut holes and adapt items for her kittehs, Their world renowned antics certainly make it worthwhile I guess.
    Plus, I still can’t get over how pretty Hana is. She is just adorbs. I think she’ll always look pretty and delicate next to his royal thickness.
    And one more thing before I go….I love kittehs & puppehs & OMG! ponies.

  15. Loff! Haha!

  16. jlamusings says:

    I third the adorabuhlness of the last shot of Hana cuddling with her big bro! Whenever my little one used to do that his older brothers, I always referred to him as a “kitten barnacle” on the bigger kitty.

  17. Jackie Rose says:

    Agreed, Melissa. I wish Mugomogu would adopt me for about a week and show me how clear out all the clutter I’ve accumulated over the years.

  18. Mary (the first) says:

    If they put “her” food up somewhere he can’t quite reach, the Portliness might subside somewhat.

  19. Formula for clearing clutter: 1) rent giant dumpster 2) borrow giant shovel 3) shovel stuff into dumpster. P.S. Don’t stop to look at the stuff or you’ll never throw anything out (voice of experience). 🙂

  20. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Maru is clearly warming up to the little guy. Wait til they’re the same size. They’re gonna have some fun.

  21. Tote adorbs! 🙂

  22. so cute, what a pair they make 🙂

  23. I used to feel bad for Maru being alone,but now I think his happiness level is off the charts with his Hana.

  24. emmberrann says:

    Hey, Firdie! Where you been? Missed you, glad to see yer.

  25. “You sleep, I’ll keep watch.”

  26. Same size? never.

  27. fleurdamour says:
  28. I think Maru is starting to look/act a lot like Simon’s Cat!

  29. wow. I knew he was big, but hana makes him look REALLY big.

  30. heh heh. I know. right?

  31. Maru is so trusting! Funny boy!

  32. Indubitably!

  33. I’m so pleased that Maru has a new partner to play with. We have two and it’s a constant delight to watch big Jasper casually walk over, turn his body and sit on tiny Elizabeth’s head. She occasionally reaches out with her paw to whap him upside the head when he least expects it. Fun times.