Jay Would Be Proud

Hair to the throne; Gulliver, figures he’s got a little catching up to do in order to follow in Jay‘s pawprints …startin’ at the beach!

“Hi! Baby Gulliver the Leonberger pup had his first trip to the beach the other day (he’s now 12 weeks old).

He LOVED it! He ran in the waves, dug holes in the sand, chewed on driftwood, chased sea gulls with Sadie, and ate lots of dead stuff and sea shells.

Sadie taught him all the things Jay (the late great fearless leader Papillon) had showed her to do on the beach…including writing your name in the sand with pee….no photo of that though.

Gulliver thought the beach was SO cool! He played for hours, then passed out right in the water! He was pooped, and had to be carried back to the car.

It was a good day! Hope you like the photos too!” -Christina V.



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Mr. Sandman, you are a dream!

  2. What a gorgeous little (not for long) guy! Since I have a giant dog too (he was here for Red, White and Baroo – Boone) I have the perfect shirt for guys like Gulliver. It says “I like big mutts and I cannot lie”.

  3. Omigeeerd, he’s like a big teddy bear… so cute!

  4. And LEONBERGER’s getting LAAAARGER! 😀

  5. He’s only 12 weeks? Was his father an elephant???

    (He’s adorbs!)

  6. THAT FACE IS MADE FOR SNORGLING!!!! How do you even manage to do everyday things like doing laundry, etc when you have THAT FACE goofing around in your house???!!!!

  7. Does anyone know what the object in the background of the second picture is? A wrecked ship? Whatever it is, it’s spooky and I’m surprised someone hasn’t removed it by now, for being much too interesting to remain intact.

  8. great_ratsby says:

    It’s the wreck of the Peter Iredale on the NW Oregon coast. It’s about a century old now…

  9. Pthhh…sand in mouf!

  10. JustcallmeJJ says:

    Look at dem paws, tha’s gonna be one biiiigg doggie

  11. Leonbergers are so cute!!! I love giant dogs. The last photo is precious.

  12. Airplane reference! Theresa wins the internets today ❤

  13. that’s going to be a huge dog when he’s all grown up. Only 12 weeks and he’s already that big? And look at those paws! Big boy for sure.

  14. Mary (the first) says:

    Hmmm .. I live near the NW Oregon coast and have not seen this. I think a road trip is in order!

  15. I love that last shot–sooooo cute!

  16. I just re-watched “Goonies” last month and that looks awful familiar……

  17. Kristen from MA says:

    Driftwood is toxic to dogs!

  18. The first time I saw a full-grown Leonberger, I thought it was a yeti. Or perhaps a yeti/Wookiee mix. They’re big and hairy, is what I’m saying.

  19. He looks like such a happy goggie!

  20. Thank you very much! And don’t call me Shirley.

  21. Christina V – so glad you filled the Jay-shaped hole in your heart. The best way to honour the pets we’ve lost is to give your love to another. He is gorgeous!! xxxx

  22. Aha, it’s steel! I assumed it was wood but it seemed too big for wood to last long exposed in salt air. For that matter I’m not sure how steel has survived in salt air. It was a sailing ship, but made of steel (I didn’t know they did that) and wrecked in 1906. It’s in the Fort Stevens State Park near the mouth of the Columbia River, which is where it was trying to go when it was driven ashore by high winds instead. Fascinating. They were going to tow it back out to sea but while they were waiting for decent weather the ship sank into the sand and couldn’t be extricated. It was sold for scrap. I see no information on why some of it was left in place.

    Thanks for the answer, great_ratsby

  23. I agree….typical little boy…dirty & happy. Best face ever.

  24. Oh Jay would be soo proud! Baby Gulliver has some big paw prints to fill….this is a good start! We miss Jay so much, but Gully has brought us all lots of smiles. He is now even bigger than when these photos were taken a few weeks ago…and sweet Sadie is starting to wonder what we are feeding him! I’m not sure what makes my heart happier…seeing Gully on Cute Overload, or knowing that people still remember my little Jay.

    Also, for those who asked…this beach is at Fort Stevens State Park on the Oregon Coast, an awesome and very dog friendly beach! The shipwreck is the Peter Iredale, a wreck from 1906 that is pretty cool!

  25. Oh my GODDDDDD. I love him!