Don’t Hog the Grog

In one corner, we have the scrappy hometown favorite, Willy the Kid. In the other, Charlie the Brown Lemur, rolling up his sleeves and coming out swinging. Both are ready to rumble for the numnums! Who will win? More importantly, who is cuter?

Willie and Charlie live at Exotic Animal Experience, Orlando, FL. Via YouTube



  1. I feel like the lemur is being mean and nasty. Feel bad for the kid. Cute critters….but the lemur is behaving badly.

  2. I am unhappy with this post.

  3. Besides, poor li’l kid is gonna have to be burped after sucking on that empty bottle–who’s going to hold him over their shoulder and pat his little back?

  4. Charlie the lemur has grabby hands.

    They’re both so adorable.

  5. rescue gal says:

    Agree with Ozbirds, murkle46 and Baileysgrandmom. It was cute till the lemur tried to choke the baby and whomever just sat there and filmed it. I hit off very quickly.

  6. rubble2bubble says:

    That was EXCEPTIONALLY funny to me!!

  7. rubble2bubble says:

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    I can’t help myself!! This one is sooo priceless: it MUST be shared with others!