Tacobutt Photobomb!

Intrepid Chihuahua mix Chuckie Tacobutt is cagily eyeing his next victim snack. If Chuckie goes for the food, it will not end well, one imagines.

“This hopeful ‘Cat Food Bandit’ is waiting patiently for his hoomin to turn around and look the other way so he can steal his 19 year-old cat/brother’s breakfast.” -Erin C.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    Chuckie Tacobutt FTW!!! 😆

  2. 😆 I don’t think you should even try, Chuckie 😆 That kitty will smack you but good on your little nose 😆 You have two adorable pets there, Erin C. 😀

  3. Aww I love old cats and dogs ❤

  4. My chihuahua loved cat food cuz it was tiny and easy for him to eat.

  5. D’awww… as is obvious from you watching over them, to make sure elderly kitty gets his full breakfast, and kitty being 19, you must be a great parent!

  6. Poor kitty.

    He’s crouching like his joints and legs are achy. Not a spry young kitten made of rubber any more.