RIP 2 Giant George

Sad news to report on a Saturday, folks- Giant George has passed away. He died on the 17th, according to his Facebook page.

Guinness recognized him in 2010 as the Tallest Doggeh Evah.

He could get up to 7′ 3″ on his hind legs!

He was 43″ tall from paws to shoulders.

Georgie ate 110 pounds of dog food per month.

And he even slept in his own queen-size bed.

Photos from Mail Online, with additional info from



  1. This is sad. I hope his hoomans are doing ok.

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    Sorry for the hooman family, I’m sure they’ll miss him.

  3. ;-; nooo, poor baby…

  4. As sad as it is, large dogs often pass away while still relatively young, Thankfully George lived almost 8 full, happy and big years – no doubt thanks to his excellent hoomins and their loving care! See you at the Rainbow Bridge, big fella.

  5. wow what a big boy he was, sorry about your loss I read that their life span is about 8 years. sad,

  6. 😦 I second that, doomchild 😦