Ready For Halloween In The O.C.

Cuteporter Jen S. send these in from Southern California, and says, “Are you ready for this? Betty the “Bee-ver” is ready for the OC Zoo Halloween Zoo-tacular event in Orange, CA. (It’s today from 10am-4pm PT.) Betty is leash-trained, so the staff can give visitors an up-close look to learn more about her.”

“For the other animals, treats are hidden in pumpkins for the animals to discover. The wonderful zoo staff dress up some of the animals they work with.”

Halloween beaver 2
“The animals at the zoo are mostly rescues that can’t be released back into the wild.”

Halloween tortoise
“The staff find all sorts of creative ways to keep the animals entertained and active.”





  1. Hooray, another picture for my “animals dressed as bees” collection!

  2. Well, you must be easy to shop for! 🙂 On another note, it makes me happy that people do things like this for our anipals!

  3. I use to take my students there for field trips. Love this.

  4. Jenny Islander says:

    A bumblebeaver. Now I’ve seen everything!

  5. sabrina rose says:

    That is the smiliest beaver ever! I LOVE her and her adorable costume! And leash trained, too!! Hugs and hurrahs to the great people at Orange County Zoo.

  6. Smartypants says:

    I love the smiling tortoise!

  7. I love that bear, telling it like it is.

    And a leash trained beaver? Too much.

  8. looking at the bear reminds of a line from “Despicable Me”.
    Someones got a frowny face!

  9. Betty B is the best. Really looks like a very nice gal.

  10. I just LOVE the one of the big cat and the pumpkin 😀

  11. mindadale says:

    This may be my new favorite post ever. A beaver on a leash! Pumpkins for everyone!
    I once remember going on about how fun it would be to have a pet beaver in high school….unfortunately you can’t say such things in front of high school boys (and I was clueless).