NYC Halloween Pooches On Parade Today! (Updated!)

522954_329462660484535_136797246_nToday’s the day for the 23rd Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in NYC! Noon ’til 3pm ET, at the Tompkins Square Dog Run, on E. 9th, between Avenue A and B. Registration begins at noon. Admission’s a suggested $5 raffle ticket sold at the door. Rules and more info here and on the official site here!


UPDATE: From today’s judging going on now! “Our 1st Place, Round 1 Winner- Hot Dog Cart!”

Images from the Tompkins Square FB page.



  1. Maybe my mind is muffled by this cold, but I can’t make out what/who they’re supposed to be….’though the doggeh could have won for cuteness alone.

  2. I think they’re the scene from the movie ET: boy on bike with ET ‘disguised’ in the bike’s basket.

  3. rocinrobin says:

    Yes, it is ET! ….and the moon 🙂

  4. Phone home, Ell-i-ot.

  5. Oh yeah! I got that it was ET and Elliott, but I totally didn’t see the moon in the background!

  6. Thanks, Cheryl. I thought the ‘moon’ was the inside of an Oreo cookie. Boy, this cold medication is good! Think I’d better stay home – no telling what I might think I run into out there!

  7. I thought it was a sugar cookie! I will think of this cute costume ensemble and cookies next time I look up at the full moon.

  8. Dog Lover says:

    I swear I have no imagination when it comes to costumes so I am seriously in awe of these creative hoomans. 🙂

  9. Obviously it’s a moon pie….

  10. wait till you see the dog costumes at in Long Beach CA.

  11. Sorry wrong link.‎
    the parade is tomorrow. SUnday. Oct 27th.

  12. I didn’t get it and I can’t say I’m on anything. I was thinking “How did that lousy ghost costume on that dog win 1st place?”

  13. Now that hot dog cart, that was a brilliant idea. Well executed, too.