And a Place to Call Home Would Be Nice

Hi, I’m new in town and wonderin’ if you’d tell me where can a kitten get a proper spit baff around here?

“This is a 3 week old foster baby after a messy dinner.  We call her and her sisters the ‘weewoos’ for their squeaky noises.” -Tracy S.



  1. Such a sad little cutie in need of love! I hope he/she finds a wonderful family soon!

  2. Dog Lover says:

    Oh. My. God!!! That’s really all I can say as I faint ded away from the massive amount of qte.

  3. Poor wee one. I bet you get a forever home soon!

  4. WEEWOOS? WEEWOOS?? *plotzes*

  5. caren with a k says:

    Is it anywhere near Socal?

  6. as in, “I’m so verklempt that I could plotz”?

  7. Where is this cutie located???!

  8. precious baby! I know a cutie like that will have a home-how could anyone resist that face????

  9. AWW 😀 I would take this dear sweet little kitty and her sisters home with me if I could, Tracy S. 😀

  10. Sad faraway eyes.

  11. Clairdelune says:

    OMG, those eyes and that messy chin fuzz!! If she was around here, I would go get her right now!! I hope this kitteh gets a home soon, those sad eyes are going to disturb my sleep.