These Guys Know A Thing (Or Two) ‘Bout ‘Tocktober

Thing One and Thing Two as spotted on the Japan Interwebs, by Cuteporter Anna C.





  1. An unmade bed in Japan. They have those??
    And gorgeous kittehs Well, we know they gots those!

  2. After doing some EXTENSIVE research, I don’t think the kitteh in the first picture is either Thing One or Thing Two.

  3. cat butts are cute. I love watching my kitty bounce away from the back.

  4. you know, you’re right! how about a ‘Tock Video instead?

  5. I am so glad to see that they get to go outside.I feel bad for cats that are stuck indoors all the time.
    For those who argue ,saftey,they make great cat leashes that have a strap around the kittys chest,as well as one around the neck.They work,and your pussens will enjoy the outdoor time1

  6. Huh.I had no idea one of the Things had no tailio. Bless.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that! I love to watch our cats run/walk away from the back.

  8. My first thought on the second picture was “I’m ‘Tockin’ on Sunshine, Woo-oo!”.

  9. oooooo good one! Katrina & The Waves!

  10. If I ruled the world, there would be kitty videos, with or without ‘tocks, every day!

  11. My girlcat is terrified of outside. My parents used to let them out in the screenhouse on the back patio, and the boy would hang out there all day; the girl would wait under the table by the garage door until someone opened it and then bolt back into the house. We took her out front on a leash once and she huddled next to the door and cried until we let her back in. She’s more than happy to experience the outdoors from the other side of the window.

  12. Did I see that gray one giving a running bump in the bum to knock the calico kitty in? 😀

  13. They both have such sweet figures. 🙂

  14. That explains my confusion about the missing tailio. (See comment about 5 doors down.) Who was that then?

  15. Feel free to use it! 😉

  16. I saw that too! 😀

    It always amazes me that kittehs can squeeze themselves into tight space. I think they are made of special molecules that do not follow the laws of physics. 🙂

  17. So plush and plump. Such sweet faces. I love these plumpies.

  18. Sharon Wilson says:

    Kittehs sure love to show you their ‘tocks!

  19. I don’t see what is funny about cats hitting dogs and the dogs just sitting there not walking away. It sure looked like the cats had claws that scratched!

  20. Coffee Cup says:

    Cat leashes keep cats from running off but they don’t keep them safe from dogs or other cats. Or diseases from animal droppings. I don’t let my cat outside because he’s never been an outside cat. He wouldn’t know what to do and he’d end up running back inside anyway. And the shelter expressly encourages cats adopted out be indoor only cats.

  21. 😆 Yep 😆

  22. I will have to chime in on the indoor-only side. My cats are all either former strays or ferals, and so are very skittish. If they ever got outside, they would probably completely freak out and I’m sure I would never see them again. And I would never be able to live with myself for not having kept them safe. And while I obviously can not read their minds, they all seem pretty darn happy to me. I work very hard to give them a good happy safe life. And they’re all micro-chipped too. [stepping off soap box now]