Get Yer Dupa Ova Hea

Dupa? Wait a minute, Melissa and Sam R. will help us get to the bottom of this…

“This is Dupa, our Boston Terrier. Dupa is the Polish word for butt, which is why he is great for Tocktober! Isn’t my Dupa the cutest?! Don’t you wish your Dupa was as cute as mine?!”

Dupa is the cutest leaf chomper Boston Terrier we’ve seen in a long time!



  1. Leaf me alone!

  2. not “butt” but “ass” – dont like the name at all (but i like the dog)

  3. Dog Lover says:

    I wanna see Dupa’s dupa! If the front end is that cute, imagine how adorabuhl his dupa is. 🙂

  4. True, but I am kind of dying to see adorabuhl Dupa’s adorabuhl dupa! 🙂

  5. My sentiments exactly, “dupa” is pretty offensive in Polish. Probably the peeps taking care of the puppeh didn’t realize that… And the puppeh is sooo sweeet! 🙂

  6. Too bad “Dupa” means something bad, because it sounds so cute.

  7. does this leaf make my Dupa look fat?