CO Welcomes The Real Dogbert

1380279924477 Well, actually not the real Dogbert…but close! This puppeh is Snickers, and the hoomin taking up valuable space in the photos happens to be his owner, Dilbert creator Scott Adams. We asked Scott to try and take a “selfie” of himself and Snickers, but…he failed at that. So his assistant took these shots. (Failure? Scott’s got a new book out on that, BTW!)

“I have a treat in my fingers here. That’s why Snickers looks so intense,” Scott says.

Snickers on Scott's arm
PS Nice punkin costume, Snickers!



  1. I would boop your nose, Snickers, very gently–it looks like your daddy is doing so.

  2. Snickers is such a beautiful doggeh.

  3. Dog Lover says:

    Quietly joining the boop line. And nobody better cut in front of me!! 🙂

  4. socalgirly75 says:

    Love that the the writer, the dog, and the comic dog are all wearing glasses!

  5. Grouchy Pants says:

    Snickers is adorable and reminds me of my own boy, Rex. Unfortunately, Scott Adams is a loathsome sexist so I shan’t be buying his book any time soon. Also, Dilbert was last funny in 1998.

  6. Wait a second. If “Dilbert” isn’t funny, does that mean “Cathy” isn’t, either?


    Loathsome sexist? This calls for research (I never knew!), but we’ll have to keep the conversation civil.

  7. I like Doonesbury, is that OK?

  8. He is pretty gross, sadly. He’s also known to make a point of trolling and flaming people who point it out… =/

  9. Less a loathsome sexist and more of an instigator, and extremely proud of the fact.

  10. I figured he wasn’t really sexist, just clueless about women.

  11. I think comparing “women” (as a big monolithic group) to children demanding candy or to the “mentally handicapped” (his words) is more than cluelessness. Or claiming that society curbs men’s desires (but not women’s). Trolling might be the best word for it.

  12. E. Anderson says:

    Scott is not a loathsome sexist, but he does have the unfortunate habit of saying things that many men believe, but are smart enough not to say out loud. However, he is one of the most brazenly egotistical hoomins ever to voice opinions of himself in public. Scott Adams is, by far, Scott Adams’ biggest fan. He is, though, interesting and frequently thought provoking. He is nowhere near the caliber of greatness he believes that he is, but he is worth reading.

  13. Really?! Well, I hope he drops by! We love celebratties!

  14. That’s the thing about liking, anyone can do it! Like away!

  15. Gosh, he sounds like a big wet blanket. Well, poop.

  16. Mary (the first) says:

    Is there a source for any of this?

  17. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the dog is humping his arm in the second pic? And sorry folks, but I do like Dilbert. Learned more about working life from it then I ever did at school. And yes, it’s accurate ;P

  18. I was wondering the same thing: is Snickers humping your arm, Scott?

  19. “It’s a snake!” said the blind man feeling the elephant’s trunk.

    It would be more accurate to say that a selected exposure to my writing without the full benefit of context makes you feel the way you do.

  20. No no no, Mr. Adams, you will not steal the show – not this time. Snickers will send you directly to Heck otherwise, or worse – to see the HR Manager!

    PS. May I just take a moment to say PHB was the reason I started studying IT Management… and that I changed to another field when Dilbert comics were no longer fun but described my normal day in the office? 😛

  21. Celebrity sighting on CO!

  22. Yeah, Scott, is Snickers mans best friend?