Hi, I’m Rob The Palm Sqwerl

[Hi, I’m Rob. A movie guy filming in Sri Lanka this summer rescued me!]

[Got my own FB, natch.]

[More deets here– I think his name is Paul. I don’t know for sure tho, since I can’t read.]

[Dude couldn’t take me back to the UK so he set me up in a hotel.]

[Pretty sweet deal, right?]

[I’ve had to turn down a lot of media requests. But not Christiane Amanpour. I like her.]

[I think I need an agent.]

[But then I gotta pay like 20%, so maybe not.]

Nite Nite!

All photos from the Paul Williams site except the last one, which was spotted at Mail Online.


  1. Where is this hotel!? I want to stay at a place that has a bebe sqwerl on the pillow instead of a mint! (nom nom nom)

  2. Mingles' Mommy says:

    SOOOO STINKIN SWEET…. love!!!!

  3. Is a palm skwerl an Asian version of a cheepmunk?

  4. Killer Klown says:

    That is one irate little furball.
    Love the ‘Alien’ thing he’s got going in pic 7, though.

  5. Men of CO alert! What a great guy!
    After reading the story, I say once again, that wildlife rehabbers are my heroes!

  6. I was hopping someone would nominate him for the men of CO calender since I couldn’t post from the office.

  7. The toof, the whole toof, and nothing but the toof!

  8. :D

  9. SlaveToCat says:

    Ah sweeet, look where he fell asleep on his favorite hoomans laptop. He was trying to spell out I.O.U. for taking him on holiday but the zzzz’s hit with cap lock strength.

  10. “I’m not in your way, am I?”

  11. SQUIREL !!

  12. Hey, Dug!

  13. You HAVE to go to the site!!! What an adorable skwerl, and the guy definitely needs to be in the CO calendar book (face it people we have WAY too many nominees to fit in a 12 month calendar!)

  14. How about if we have a photo a week?

  15. You know, that could work! Now, someone get to publishing it!

  16. So cute, yet so disapproving looking when he’s on the table top. Tiny skwerl tongue.

  17. … dreaming dreams of stomping through downtown Tokyo, fighting the JSDF and knocking down buildings with his tail every time he turns …


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