Do Not Try This At Home, even if it IS ‘Tocktober!

Wonderful ‘tock shot, but whoa, just whoa. Isn’t there a rule about not standing behind a horse? Kinda makes ya nervous just looking at it. And check out that stink eye!

“Dear Cuteoverload, here is Furiol’s ass, an elegant and nice and strong Spanish horse’s one, from somewhere in the high Pyrenees a month or so ago. Tock and tack in one pic!” -Bogi



  1. OK. Now I MUST send you MY ‘Toctober photo.

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Nothing wrong with standing behind a horse. They do have the cutest butts on the planet. Furiol’s ass does not disappoint!

  3. That’s right. And that ain’t no stink eye, either. Those lovely ears are standing right up. I think Pyrit might be a bit horse-phobic. 😉

    My very favorite horse part, though, is the muzzle. Softest, smoothest skin on the planet. Ooh, and their wiggly big upper lips–love those, too.

  4. Jenny Islander says:

    It’s more “Don’t walk behind a horse without FIRST letting him know that you are there, because his first reaction to being surprised by somebody approaching him out of his field of vision is likely to be OHCRAP KICKITNOW ITSALION and then you will both be upset.” This horse doesn’t look surprised or upset at all.

  5. That’s exactly what I thought – those ears say “hello, what are you doing back there, silly hoomin?” And I know the stink eye – I frequently ride a part-Arab mare. She can give you the stink eye without even looking at you.

  6. Something’s about to happen….and it ain’t gonna be good

  7. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    That soft, soft spot at the corner of their mouth where there’s a little indentation just right for fitting hoomin lips. IRRESISTIBLE!!

  8. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I’ll bet it’s his own mom/dad (can’t quite tell from the name, though, leaning toward dad) taking the picture, so no worries.

  9. The equine stink-eye is quite the scariest thing in the animal kingdom. Forget the lion’s roar or the snake’s rattle.
    There’s a big part- clydesdale bloke my son sometimes rides at disabled riding, and boy he’s perfected the art of the equine stink-eye. He then mercifully turns his ‘tocks to you so he doesn’t have to look at you anymore. He’s lovely with the kids of course, it’s just their parents he hates!
    Oooohhhhhh the equine stink-eye sends shivers up my spine.

  10. Wow .. it’s a Horse’s .. .. .. well .. your know .. Surprised is was in the first writeup .. heheh

  11. Jenny Islander comment is very true.
    as for me I love the smell of horses.

  12. AAAHHH, I’m so terrified.

  13. That sounds like a perfect pozzie for a mouthful of pony spit! Brave you!

  14. Definitely love the smell of horses. And the velvety muzzles. And the wufflely lips. …elegant hooves… forelock floppiness… long manes… tails… and everything else about them. The only thing I don’t like, is when they step on my toes!

  15. Bogi?? Can that be Bogi who has the wonderful place La Guelle where I stayed at twice already when being on a trail with Rudi?? Saddlebags look very familiar to me..

  16. Neda, you have a good eye for that. Furiol is actually one of Rudi’s horses. But unfortunately I am not the owner of La Guelle, I was just a guest rider over there on a trail.