How Does Your Dog Answer the Doorbell?

Ding Dong..

“Mmwoooooooahhh!” … “Mmuuuhhh!”

Whaa ? What is he actually trying to say? He might be saying, “Rrrrruuuuuun!”, or he might be saying, “Snauuuuusages”.  Or there’s a whale at the door.

We dunno!

Via YouuuuTuuuube



  1. Sasha's Mum says:

    He’s obviously saying “Candygram my foot. You’re that clever shark and you know it.”

  2. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Land Shark!

  3. …is it Reality-Casual Friday already?

  4. Yeah. We wish!

  5. Cute beagle—but scary noise!! That’s one of the most unnerving sounds I’ve heard since the mysterious pounding in The Haunting . . . (1963 version, not the dreadful remake)

  6. I just played this and my own sleeping beagle jumped up and started baying as soon as he heard the doorbell … I’m glad to know this is a beagle thing. An acquaintance of mine tried to convince me it was my own poor parenting skills!

  7. Best scene of that movie for me is right after the mysterious pounding when the light comes back in the bedroom and you see Nell’s empty hand and she says: God! God! Whose hand was I holding?

  8. fleurdamour says:

    There is a cute little pocket sized dog in my apartment building who barks as if he wants to kill anyone who dares to walk past his door. It sounds like he is screaming, and as though he wishes nothing less than to rip out your heart and drink your blood. It’s unintentionally hilarious because he would easily fit in a shoebox.

  9. That’s what I imagine a Tyrannosaurus Rex would sound like if he got his head caught in a giant toilet tissue tube.

  10. If you’re casual about reality, then can’t any day be Friday?

  11. Wow! I’ll have to ponder that profundity slowly over a glass of chilled red wine, or a chilled glass of red wine, or something.

  12. what a visual!