Butt, Butt, Butt, …

these magnets are so attractive!

“I was doing a little online shopping today and came across these *ahem* unique magnets. My first thought was, ‘These are perfect for ‘Tocktober!’ My second thought was, ‘I should send these to CO!'” ~Anna G.



  1. fleurdamour says:


  2. The purple one is so sweet…

  3. Reminds me of the awesome Ikea hooks we hang our dog leashes on:

  4. Louise Belcher says:

    “What’ll it take to get you into this Rhino anus today?”

  5. *snerk*

  6. and where is the link to buy these?

  7. I was just thinking CO hasn’t had enough Product Cuteness lately . . . .

  8. Lotsa places. Just google the description (“set of…”). 🙂

  9. http://www.catalogfavorites.com/itemdy00.aspx?ID=1,403&T1=V34884
    (no longer available? they have dog butt magnets, and they’re a goner, too.)

  10. (Scurries to look thru favorite Japanese websites that have cute stuff.)

  11. I have a set of cat butt magnets! 🙂 Of course I also have the live version in the purrsonas of Gus, Merris & Frodo.