Little. Bear. Doughnuts. From Japan.

Nom these little goobers right up. You can get ‘em here, for $16.20 USD. Will they ship overseas? Got me- Google Translate crashed on this one! Gonna Tweet ‘em- will update if I hear back.






  1. I would never want to eat them! <3

  2. took me a bit. i saw a hippo at first.

  3. How can they breathe in the plastic wrap?

  4. The donuts are made by a company called ‘Siretoco’ from Hokkaido. They apparently sell gelato, caramels and other tasty things :3

    The first picture literally says, “An explosion of popularity in the media” ^_^

    Hope that helps (I speak fluent Japanese)

  5. I think the “From Japan.” part is redundant…

  6. True.

  7. Note to self: move to Japan. :)