Are Your Jowls Tough Enough?

At the Cute Overload Jowl Testing Labs, our scientists subject each jowl to authentic simulated real-world stress conditions, including wind tunnels and road tests, to ensure every jowl meets high standards for durability, elasticity, strength, aerodynamics, and maximum flappitude. Only then may they earn the coveted C.O. Seal of Quality!

They’re like Dumbo ears, Susan M.



  1. Ear flappage tested separately.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    You lived your life like a canine in the wind…

  3. …never knowing who to turn to when the gnats blew in…

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    I assume this set passed the test?

  5. Lab is run by Dr. Derp.

    For all CO peeps who have not seen it, there is a warning on jerky treats due to pet fatalities.:(
    No specific brand has been recalled but please check your cupboards and throw out the treats.

  6. My husband said, “What’s he got in his mouth?” I replied, “That IS his mouth!” Husband replied, “He better not drag any swimming pools into the house.” (Like Gus and his pool.)