Serious Heath Ledger/Joker vibe going on here. Think that header has been used before but so whut, it’s too perfect. Let’s get the 411 on this Slobberknocker RIGHT NOW.

“This is Holly, a valley bulldog (bulldog/boxer cross) owned by my boyfriend’s parents. When she lies upside down her jowls flop over and it looks hilarious. We took a picture of it and flipped it upside down. It looks like she is very happy!” -Nerhys H.



  1. It is hilarious indeed!

  2. He nailed the Joker for sure

  3. Hehe! I want to squish that ridiculous, yet adorable, face!🙂

  4. “Whose dog is that, with the lips that are falling off?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZAruAk1kdU

  5. Love it!


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