THIS JUST IN: Platypus Overload!

No kidding, this video has had more email submissions than any in recent memory. And why not! We just need more Platypuses (Platypi?) on Cute Overload. Must get this done.

From Cute Creatures Great N Small.



  1. Either platypuses or platypodes. Definitely NOT platypi.

    Also, EEEEEEEE!

  2. butterfield says:

    Very cute. I that a baby or are they really that small?

  3. tommygirl says:

    Everything is going just swimmingly here 😀

  4. Who knew!?

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Somebody likes belly rubs


    Who knew platypodes (does it rhyme with “explodes,” as in, “my brain explodes when near platypodes”) could be so darned cute?

  7. OMG!!!!! Who knew they were so darn friendly??? And so darn cute!!!! Love this video.

  8. It’s pla-TIP-oh-dees, actually, but I think you could validly pronounce it to rhyme with “explodes” if you are attempting an Ogden Nash pastiche.

  9. Here’s a nice little history of the whole issue in regards to the related octopuses/octopi/octopodes:

  10. Now I have to get a platypus (notice how carefully I avoided the plural problem?) of my very own.

  11. Oh yes, please. I would like one platypus. Then a second platypus, and maybe a third platypus. I think I could go on avoiding the plural problem forever…they are SO CUTE!!

  12. I have never wanted to snorgle a platypus before. Then again I’ve never seen a platypus snorgle someone either.

  13. Before you adopt be aware that an adult male platypus is equipped with a hind-foot spur that can excrete an especially painful venom. Skip the belly rubs.

  14. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That sounds like a constellation. I hope that’s a constellation.

  15. Might one “boop” a platypus bill? Is that proper protocol or is there another preferred procedure?

  16. Who needs poison spurs when you can kill with cuteness? Monotreme madness!

  17. This is at Healesville Sanctuary? I didn’t get to pet a platypus last time I was there. 😦

  18. Compare the cutie to the platypus in the Little Goldenbook “Rabbit and His Friends”!

  19. He and She watched the video and loved it! So Cute!

  20. He likes his belleh rubs!

  21. I think the correct platypus ‘booping’ protocol is ‘beeping’

  22. I don’t mean to sound like a ‘know it all’ I only know this because I live in Oz. 😉

  23. I didn’t know platypus could be kept in captivity. (Some species can’t.) I’ve never seen one in a video before. I also didn’t realize they were so much like an otter in their swimming movements; I had imagined them being sluggish. I guess they fill the otter environmental niche in Australia. Very playful. And, as noted, dangerous if you make them mad.

  24. OMG. Where is that platypus! I have to go see him and snorgle him and….. DED ON THE FLOOR

  25. Wicked hind feets action too!

  26. Oh this is so awesome, I’ve never seen a platypus being cuddled before!
    Meaning I didn’t know they too were darn cute!

  27. DED

  28. I was thinking the same thing. The little darling reminded me of an otter. Who knew they were so playful. I guess most young animals are tho. Very cute video.

  29. Duckbilled water-puppy?

  30. I thought that was the female? In the Aubrey/Maturin novels, Stephen gets stung by a platypus and nearly dies.

  31. That platypus looks awfully furry!

  32. Now I want an otter and a platypus!

  33. I think this is a baby because a full grown male platypus is about 50cm.

  34. Halp! The cute is too much!

  35. Hey…Where’s Perry?

  36. I was waiting for someone to do that..

    Sadly, I doubt Perry is that snorgly.

  37. Tater Tot says:

    He’s a semi-aquatic egg-laying mammal of action

  38. Wow!You really do get moded on this site for using the word p**py.Im goin to sit and rock back and forth now.

  39. And what makes the platypus even MORE snorgable, their fur feels exactly like silk velvet! Fer Real!

    (No, I have never snorgled a platypus. I once touched a stuffed specimen. I cannot begin to imagine how much nicer their fur must feel when the crittur is still alive and trying to snorgle back. And to make it even better, they eat yabbis which are Australian crawdads and I don’t like crawdads so I would be extremely happy to have a platypus and feed it crawdads and hug it and squeeze it and call it George.)

  40. Smartypants says:

    Yes! It’s like the joke that goes “Please send me one mongoose. Then please send me another mongoose…” LOL!

  41. Smartypants says:

    So cute! It’s like a duck fell in love with an otter or…something.

  42. Hugebody McTinyhead says:

    It’s a duckbilled webfooted funny-looking fast-swimming warmblooded bottomfeeding egglaying… *can’t remember rest of song*
    My favorite platypus fact is that the babies are commonly called puggles, because puggle rhymes with juggle, and they look like they’d be fun to juggle. So soft and bouncy!

  43. I’ve never been in the Moderation Lounge this long before. Good thing the popcorn balls are so yummy.

  44. This is a perfect example of why I tell my students, “English is weird, just trust me.”

  45. Smartypants says:

    …”flying purple people-eater”?

  46. “No good zoo should be without a mongoose. Please send us two.”