Poll: Bunny Needs A New Name

Little Help here, People. Cuteporter Genesis H. sent in this photo of her Bun.


We can do better than that. Need a new name stat!



  1. Domino, Panda, Pumpkin, Blossom.

  2. animal lover says:

    Autumn, cotton,

  3. loribelle says:

    Maybelline, for obvious reasons.

  4. I vote for Maybelline!

  5. I had a kitty named Maybelline, she lived to be 19 years old. But we mostly called her ‘Maybs’, and sometimes ‘Maybe Baby’. As well as ‘Sweet Pea’.
    “I tell you, a cat must have three different names.” T.S. Eliot

  6. Absolutely perfect! I cast my write in vote for Maybelline. :)

  7. Yes! That makes sense so much!

  8. Mr. Biggins!!

  9. Maybelline is it! I also cast my vote for Maybelline.

  10. Ditto! Maybeline is perfect

  11. The only way to name your bun is to observe and play with him/her. Eventually you will find a name that fits. Usually I have several names going thru my head and then one just clicks. I went back and forth with George or Oscar for the bun in my avatar, until one day I just realized he was an “Oscar.” Your bun is super cute–good luck! :-)

  12. absolutely! although when adopting i have always kept the name they had been given. i do however end up with a few nicknames as well :)

  13. Same here, with one recent exception. I refuse to call my new adoptee “Floofer.”

  14. Bunilla

  15. I think Onyx… his colouring reminds me of it and it’s precius too… :)

  16. Leigh Anne says:


  17. Given the time of year and the adorable face.. I’d go with “Spook” Then you can call her Spooky, Pooky, Spookster, Spookaroo. But, I’d ask the bun what she wants to be called. Believe it or not, they usually “tell” you :) Just ask my rabbits, Sweety, Cookie, Smudge, and Nutmeg :)

  18. Ho hum… in the mod-lounge. Any Halloween type snacks??

  19. Ohhhh, sorry. I’m on a diet and things are a little iffy around here. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s the Only Eat The Candy You Can See Diet.

  20. Bunkin

  21. I vote for “Bunkin.”

  22. Nicefrenchgurl says:


  23. Nicefrenchgurl says:

    or Pumpkin

  24. kallisto73 says:

    I second Pumpkin!

  25. I third it!

  26. 5th!

  27. I fourth it!

  28. Lindy.

  29. gail pierson (bunny) says:

    The “Lindy” Hop! :)

  30. Barb Young says:

    Jeepers……because look at those beautiful peepers

  31. Kerry pederson says:


  32. Patch. (for his lil’ eyepatch)

  33. emmberrann says:

    Or Patches, because bun has more than 1 patch.
    Or Pat, as in ” Pat the Bunny”, one of my early childhood favorite books.

  34. emmberrann says:

    How about Cassidy, after Hopalong, or. William, after William Boyd, the actor who played Hopalong, or Billie if bun is of the female persuasion?

  35. Yoo hoo….. she’s a girl. How about some girl names?

  36. Zombie

  37. I’d it a boy or a girl?? I think Patches would be cute for either gender!

  38. Dennis Hopper !!!

  39. Jackie Lantern

  40. Cinna-bun

  41. Like!

  42. Kitty. (hey, my uncle had a cat named ‘Dog’, so why not?)

  43. ZsuZsu’s Petals

  44. ZsuZsu is good all by itself!

  45. cuteoverload.com says:

    i lost my rabbit in July an her name was Ginger i think that would be a good name

  46. lapine???

  47. Kari Callin says:

    Burtrum aka Burt or Gertrude aka Gertie :)

  48. Sir Thumperton Hoppybottom (but call him Thumper)

  49. any relation to Petunia Picklebottom? : )

  50. Shiner (look at that eye!)

  51. fleurdamour says:

    If we’re going with beer names (Shiner Bun should ring a bell with all you Texans) how about just Hops?

  52. Daisy. Or Sprocket.

  53. She looks like her bunliner got all smudgy, so I’m thinking her name should be Maybelline.

  54. Pumpkin! Duh!

  55. Cooper. As in Alice.

  56. Hazel. Or Dandelion. (from Watership Down)

  57. Hyzenthlay

  58. jlamusings says:


  59. Love that!! Or Bigwig if he’s big and tuff!!

  60. Snowball or Snowy

  61. How about Alice? for Alice in Wonderland?
    or Wiggles.

  62. Daisy
    Connie Jo (“conejo” is Spanish for “rabbit”)
    Honey Bun

  63. fleurdamour says:

    Hopalong Cute-iddy!

  64. Black Eyed Susan. Sure, I’m biased, but still…the eye! And on slow does you can call her Lazy Susan.

    But if she has bunnies, please name one of them Bunsicle.

  65. Slow DAYS, that is. Slow days. Like today.

  66. Cassidy.. As in, Hop-Along Cassidy!

  67. Petey.
    Little rescal’s dog.

  68. Rascal’s :D
    I’m slow today.

  69. Great minds. ;) When I refreshed my screen after looking for a link with a pic of Petey, you’d already posted! =) We’re both probably going to be outvoted, however, since I just looked at the hover text and discovered that the bun is a “she”.

    However, I read that the original Petey had a natural marking that almost ringed his eye and that Max Factor applied a little makeup to complete the circle, so an earlier suggestion – Maybelline is my new favorite. =D

  70. Uffda, we go with Petti, then.
    Worked with one of my squirrels.:D

  71. I named my 3 legged bunny Louis. Actually its Lucien but we call him Louis, or Louie, or Lou Lou :)

  72. Azizi or Waffles c:

  73. Petey – after Our Gang’s (Little Rascals) Pete the Pup. He was a cute bull terrier with a ring around his eye: http://www.scrubbles.net/tag/our-gang/

  74. Reginald (or Regina) McBunbun

  75. Annie (Oakley) if girl. Oakley (just forget the Annie) if boy.

  76. With that ring around his eye, how about Ringo?

  77. Betty… from “Betty Davis Eyes.”

  78. Well, I have a cat named Kitty. I refused to let the kids call her that, and she went through several names, including Sophia and Spark, and finally, she just WAS Kitty! Ofcourse, got a big “I told you so” from the kids. In university, my roommate and I had three cats, White Guy, Black Guy, and Big Guy (um, first two were girls though)……how sad and lacking in creativity! Guess what color they were?

  79. Blanche

  80. I was thinking Usagi, which is Japanese for “rabbit.” If you’re a pop-culture nerd, there’s Usagi Yojimbo, and also Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon).

  81. Blueberry, just because.

  82. Hop-along Cassidy

  83. oops! Looks like Sara already called it :-)

  84. Dandelion

  85. I’m bringing back Tbird’s suggestion: Lindy (as in The Lindy Hop). It just seems to suit her.

  86. Danica, Arzielle, Fluffernutter, Twitches, Snuggles (Snuggy)…

  87. Alice…Angel…Hope….Faith……..Elizabeth. …..Buffie….Liza

  88. Buffy…cuz she slays me.

  89. Cute!

  90. i don’t have a name, but i have to wonder what that bun is thinking about that huMUNNNNgus carrot they gave him

  91. Princess AngelinaContessaLouisaFrancesscaBannaFannaBobesca The Third. But you can call her Dot!

  92. *giggle*

  93. I vote for the name KILLER

  94. Killer Klown says:

    I see nothing wrong with the name ‘Bunny’. It’s a good name. It says what it needs to say. Any bunny should be proud to have it, and woeful disapprovals on anyone who dislikes the name ‘Bunny’.

    Then again, I once had a turtle named Spot; so I’m probably not the best authority on nomenclature.

  95. Spot is what I think the bun should be called! Good enough for a turtle; good enough for a bun.

  96. Is it just one eye patch? Pirate.

  97. Brarrr Rabbit? lol

  98. Buns McFluffer or Dr. Fluffenstein.

  99. Socks, because he has that white and grey coloring like men’s crew socks do :)

  100. Jack-O-Lo short for Jack-O-Lantern

  101. Smartypants says:

    I second “Maybelline” or a female version of “Petey” (the Little Rascals’ dog) – Petunia? Petula?

  102. Don’t know why the name “Sunday” came to mind.

  103. Señorita Mcfluffybuns

  104. Phyllis Nunn says:

    Spex? As in ‘Spectacles’?

  105. Marshmallow

  106. Pam.

  107. I was thinking Monocle, if male, which would be Monica if female. ??

  108. Shirley, She just looks like a Shirley to me.

  109. Bernice! Bernice Bunny!

    Or maybe May Belle (short for Maybelline)…..

  110. chris and Amanda says:


  111. Stew

  112. I think we should name him Lobster. don’t know why, it just popped into my head.

  113. Sosallitta says:

    How about just Bunday, cuz she was named on a Sunday.

  114. Crystal Andrews says:

    Fluffy McBunderson

  115. Spot

  116. Looks like a little spice spilled on the back of this vanilla iced bunny. I suggest Cinnamon Bunny.

  117. Cinna-bun?

  118. Bunthoven

  119. I suggest Rorshach, like the ink blot test, and this is for the black on white patterns on the bun’s sides.

  120. She looks like a Lilly to me!

  121. Kristen from MA says:


  122. Marilyn C. says:

    Looking at that cute little eye, I say “Goggles”

  123. Coffee Cup says:

    Pogo, for the bouncing he’ll do.

  124. Cinnabun

  125. My sister’s rabbit is named Sir Louis Bunnimus of Snortsalot, but 99.98% of the time we just call him Bun, Bunneh or Rabbit. Oh, and occasionally You B*tch! when he’s chewed on something…which is actually pretty often.

    Long story short, good chance they’ll end up calling that bun some iteration of “bunny” anyway, so don’t think there’s a pressing need to rename.

  126. Maybelline Punkin Bun

  127. Captain Bunpants!

  128. How about Bun? Bun was Captain Kangaroo’s bespectacled bunny friend on the ’70’s kids’ show.

  129. She looks like a Sweetie Pie to me!

  130. Petey (like the Little Rascal’s dog because he has a black eye) or Spot.

  131. Petey, after the dog in Little Rascals, with the same ring around his eye.

  132. Or Patch!

  133. Little Bunny Foo Foo

  134. Cosby ref FTW!

  135. fleurdelys says:


  136. Gaspode the wonder bunny. Give it a bit of the Terry Pratchett flavor.

  137. Dorothy Carter says:

    If she’s a girl bunny, look at her eyes. How about Mascara as a name?

  138. Cloverfield.

  139. Bunjamen or Bungy

  140. Our Bunny had the full name Napolean Bunaparte. You are welcome to use it!

  141. Steve.

  142. Shiner – because this Bun will bring a lot of sunshine into her owner’s life, and because, well, it looks a little like a cute fuzzy black eye :).

  143. Deb Glassman says:

    Jennifer. Jenny for short.

  144. Cindy Maury says:

    Wow; there’s a lot of great suggestions here! How about “Miss Fluffer-Bottom”; she could just be called “Fluff” or “Fluffy”. Or “Miss Pink-Earton” for her pink ears??
    Or “Puffball”? Or “Sassafrass”? (Don’t ask me where I got THAT one!)
    (She could be called “Sassy”….no?? Maybe not.)
    Or “Winky”; with that one eye we all notice. “Boo-boo”?? “Boo-boo Bunny”??
    “Miss Fuzzy Pants”? I think I’m getting desperate! I think I’ll just end here; before I get REALLY weird!

  145. Whiskey. Short for Whiskers of course

  146. littledee says:


  147. Splishsplash says:

    Did anyone suggest Sharpie? I think that would be cute :3

  148. Agreed!


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