My Wake Up Make-Up

This why emo pandas shouldn’t fall asleep with makeups on.

“A baby panda named ‘Yuan Zai’ peers out from its crib at the Taipei City Zoo in Taipei, Taiwan, on August 26, 2013.” Via



  1. Awww 🙂 oh wow, look at those claws!!!

  2. luvstehQte says:

    wish i looked this adorbs first thing in the morning! i wonder when the “huge bags under your eyes are so cute” movement will begin…

  3. Panda just listened to some Morrissey and now is sad….

  4. love the panda fabric

  5. FYI, ‘Yuan Zai’ can mean “Yuan’s kid” or “Yuan’s son”, after his mom Yuan Yuan.

    Yeah, I wouldn’t mind having that fabric to use as bedsheet for me. Preferably with a live panda.

  6. So cute, even with his mini Freddy Kreuger claws.