Kittens Noir

Peeps! For the sequel to Tuxedo Kittens, you have waited DAY and NIGHT.

Now! Sit back and enjoy the Grand Premiere of, Kittens Black and White!

Fave Frame:

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.30.09 PM
And the Acatamy Award goes to Andrew M.!



  1. Eet ay blanc et noir. Eet ay toe-tally noir… et blanc.
    Toe-tally toox-ay-do.

  2. So, when does the personal appearance tour start, she asks nonchalantly while finding a purse big enough for 3 kittehs and a Momcat….

  3. Thanks guys 🙂 Enjoy. Been filming them a lot, they are so cute

  4. I love the “AMAZING ACTION” and then there’s a kitteh slowly falling over. 😀 The whole thing is so well made!

  5. With a friend willing to drive said 3 kittehs and their Momcat to a place where all 4 would be fed yummy kitteh food, warm kitteh milk and kitteh treats while laying on soft pillows with large windows for viewing the outside world including humans who will make sure litterboxes are kept clean and food, treats and milk are in constant supply, 13bodies 😀

  6. Andrew,
    very creative, just like the movie trailers on Turner Movie Classics channel on TV. 🙂

  7. Are you in New York City?

  8. Thank you 🙂

  9. Thanks so much – I did another video last night. Probably my favorite one yet!!!!

  10. My fave frame is around 0:50: CHUBBY TUBBY BELLEHS!!!

  11. Jessie M. says:

    Shouldn’t that be ‘squeequel?’

  12. Smartypants says:

    Awesome job Andrew M – so stylish and squee!