The Mighty Kayak

“Kayak” gets the award for most unusual Hedgie name we’ve heard…today. But take a look at this little powerhouse. He was brought to the Hedgehog Welfare Society to get all better, and now look at him! He’s got his own CAPE and SKATEBOARD.

From Erin M.



  1. 0:06 rules. i am hedge-ded.

  2. I’d very much like to smooch him. I love that his name is Kayak. There are enough Sonics out there.

  3. My hedgehog is named Canoe. He just turned 5!

  4. Mary (the first) says:

    Awww .. getting just a little misty here. Sweet little hedgie and lovely lady!

  5. Yes, I am snf-ing here too… dust in the air…

  6. Totally understand how they end up with “unique” names. At the rescue I foster with, they take in about 2000 kittens just through the bottle baby program (orphaned kittens too young to eat solid food) each kitten season, and all of them need names to ease identification. That’s how I had a Naughty & a Nice, an Eggroll, a Quebec, and currently have Velly Bean, Volly Rancher, and Vopper. I babysat their 3 siblings for a week too: Vittles, Vizzler, and Vobstopper. It gets a little ridiculous towards the end of the season….

    Back on topic: YEY ResCute! He looks very dashing in that cape.

  7. Run, Kayak, run!!! Such a sweetie-pie, and it’s so great that he got rescued. The toofbrush in the bath about killed me.

  8. Bravo, Kayak!

  9. Smartypants says:

    Kayak…because he’s unsinkable!

  10. sabrina rose says:

    Yes, of course! Good one!

  11. Jane Karr says:

    Kayak is an inspiration to us all. Anything can be done when it is done with love. We all LOVE Kayak. Wonderful people!

  12. Not to detract from the adorable hedgie-pedgie, but….I’m totally in love with that wheel. Is it a Carolina storm wheel? I’m contemplating one for my upcoming family of Robos…