Flashback Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen, please (quietly) kneel before His Majesty, King Nap O’Derp, Ruler of Sleepland.

“A sleeping kitten wearing a miniature crown, 1955. Photo: Charles Ley, Getty Images.” –Stamford Advocate.


  1. Coffee Cup says:

    Is the crown really miniature if it fits so perfectly on the kitteh’s head? I don’t think so.

  2. Clairdelune says:

    I would kneel any time and obey His every command!! I would even rub his royal earsies and kiss His royal pawsies. Who wouldn’t? ;-D

  3. I believe all kittehs think there are crowns on their little noggins at all times. This crown, however, looks a little Jiffy-Poppy.

  4. Uneasy lies the kit that wears the crown.


  6. Heavy is the head that wears said crown.

  7. Besides me😀


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