Ultimate Dog Shaming 2: Maymo ‘N’ Penny

Those wack-a-doodles Maymo and Penny are back with another shame-ful video. Says submitter Jeremy: “Lots of blood, sweat, and toilet paper went into the making of this, so I hope you enjoy!”



  1. Maymo ampnd Penny, you are most excellent dogs.

  2. The penguin outfits at the end! Hahaha.

  3. Many, many thanks! I really needed that laugh. Extra points for the Emperor Penguin.

  4. Was feeling weepy and sad until I saw this. Thank you so much for the great laugh!! Your dogs are wonderful!

  5. Found another critter with a taste for TP….
    Self serve nest material

  6. Another thank you for a much needed laugh at the end of what has been a miserable day!

  7. art heath says:

    Delightful ending… they look so chastised.

  8. The penguin did it for me lol. Oh gosh this reminds me of those parent’s who make their kids wear signs on the street telling everyone the bad things that they did. I approve of more dog shaming videos. Please keep them coming. My funny bone needs more.

  9. parents* ack couldn’t find an edit button.

  10. C J Cummings says:

    The penguin and Yoda did it for me — couldn’t keep from laughing out loud! Well, and the bed/pillow, too. Oh heck, it was all just too funny.

  11. I love these dogs ( are they lemon beagles?) and the wonderful owners who allowed them their mischief for the sake of a funny and cute video!

  12. Smartypants says:

    Yes, I recall from a previous Maymo post that they’re lemon beagles – hadn’t heard of them.

  13. Hugs to Dibs and Annette. Love the Maymo and Penny pics!