It’s Getting Closer To Hedgie-Ween!

Careful when you carve your punkin- you never know what might be inside! “This is Harrison, he is adorable and festive!” -Kimberly J.




  1. Sorry .. I’m getting old and senile .. Is it a Pumpkin dressed as a Hedgie, or a Hedgie dressed as a Pumpkin .. *GRINS*

  2. Tim McDaniel says:

    The mouseover is “Wuz I named after Harrison Ford? No idea.” The French word for “hedgehog” is “h{e’}risson”. In English heraldry, hedgehogs are sometimes used in coats of arms for people surnamed “Harrison”, as a heraldic pun (which is called a “cant”). (“Heralds don’t pun. They cant.”)

  3. Smartypants says:

    No kidding? That is cool!

  4. It is actually after George Harrison, so still English. I like the Beatles, Harrison’s predecessors were Rigby and Penny Lane.

  5. Let’s go with a hedgehog dressed as a pumpkin.

  6. AWESOME!!! (Both the Beatles and the heralds stuff!)

  7. Kimberly! My BWE buddy! You made Cute Overload again! I’m so proud of you (and Harrison) 🙂

  8. If he ever starts drinking lots of booze you can rename him after Rex Harrison.