[Getting ready to POUNCE on unsuspecting hoomin. MWAH HA HA HA the iPad shall be MINE MINE MINE. Now how do I buy zee appz?]

This is Ozzie, from Cuteporter Nicola T.



  1. I want to slap a BFF tag on this.

  2. Okay. Link to Musicals. West Side Story. Here we go!

    Tuna! Tuna! The world is all is tuna. I ate you and hun-ger went away.
    Tuna! Tuna! There’s only you tuna, what you are, what you smell, what you taste…

  3. The kitty is very cute — eyes, ears, so attentive; love the markings. And this is inches away from being a Butt Bed Photo; I guess kitty is actually on her shoulders? But it’s the girl/woman who intrigues me. What position is she in? Is she lying wrong way on a sofa? Does she need instructions? She’s doing a frog-leg sort of thing up with her knees up against the back cushions, but what’s holding up her middle? Is this a chaise section of the sofa? Is she using an ottoman? I can’t figure what’s holding her up.

  4. Yes the girl’s positioning on the sofa is very intriguing to me. Its almost like an optical illusion. Also, the kitty is so adorable!

  5. To me, it looks like it is a small, young hoomin. She is on one of those couches with a chaise lounge extended bit on one end. Her rear end and legs are on the end usually used for the tocks, she is just on her belly. Her elbows are in the crevasse made by the joining of the two cushions. It looks as if it is the proper size to support her with the ipad propped up on the part usually used for feet. If people didn’t get the heebie jeebies from young hoomins, there are some reading poses that rival kitty positions for, “Do they even have bones?!?”

    I’ll bet there are some romping fun times between these two, and this Ozzie kitty is looking for some playtime with his friend. 🙂

  6. *Standing ovash*

  7. Yes, I think so, too. It’s one of them thar corner unit thingies, where the sofa is sectionalised and two bits are at right angles to each other.

    I remember (just about) being a young hoomin’, once, but I can not remember, ever, being as bendy as young hoomins are today. *grumble, mumble*

    Also, nice iPad cover.

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    The only app the kitty needs is a whisker activated snooze button.

  9. I know what you meant about used to be as bendy as young people today, bookmonstercats.

  10. 😆 Looks like that dear sweet kitty, Ozzie, is about to ask that girl if she can look up cat toys online for him, Nicola T. 😆