Sea Lion ‘Tocks!

These Bebeh Sea Lions were injured when they washed up on a Peruvian shore. But great news heah! They’ve all been nursed back to health by this group! (Site is in Spanish, but use Chrome and get Immediate Translate Action at no cost.)

Check out the ‘Tock Diving starting at :16 or so, and watch ’em go!



  1. Such shiny brown coats!!!

  2. ..wait .. Sealions have tocks ?? how can you tell ?

  3. Wonderful news and nice to know that such great people exist.

  4. The man mentions they were rescued from hostile human interactions… does it mean that they bebeh lions were abused? Someone actually poisoned and clubbed them?

    If so, I merely hope there are no conservationists close by if that person ever washes up on a shore….

  5. *inarticulate gibbering*

  6. So in Spanish, they’re “lobos marinos” — sea wolves, which in English is a nickname for pirates….

  7. Impossible!
    (OK, what Theresa may be trying to articulate is, Peruvians are the best! Sea lions are the best! CO is the best!)

  8. Kewl.

  9. The Original Jane says:

    The man being interviewed said they were: “rescued from aggressive human interaction…broken ribs…poisoned..” BOO to the bad people who harmed them and YEAH to the rescuers who healed!

  10. That pup snorgling in the water is just the coup de grace.

  11. THANK YOU!!!!! There ARE some decent people left in this world!!!

  12. SQUEEEEEEEE!! Yeah for da bebeh sea lions! And muchas gracias to the lovely Peruvians for helping them 🙂 xx