It’s Hump Day

You’ve made it half way through the week. This calls for some desert! And camel-mile tea.

Female 2-humped camel named Noemie being weighed for the annual audit at ZSL London Zoo. (ZSL, Zoological Society of London.)



  1. In this case, wouldn’t it be HUMP(s) Day ?

  2. “I’M BIG-BONED, OK?”

  3. The puns, people! The PUNZ! Pyrit is en fuego.

  4. “I’d walk a mile for a camel…” who remembers that? I don’t even remember that.

  5. No Camel cigarettes. No cigarettes of any kind.

  6. I always wondered what was the proper way to mount a camel. On wood, apparently.

  7. …um….some of us do…….:)

  8. *snerk*

  9. Ackshully, that’s a Bactrian camel (two humps). Dromedary camels have one hump. Either variety, camels are cool animals!

  10. Heh!

  11. I think she’s very pretty.

  12. Thank you–forgot what the 2-humped were called–knew someone here would know! 🙂

  13. The cool thing about riding a bactrian camel, is that you have a back rest & an airbag built right in!!!

  14. “Mike!Mike!Mike!Mike!Mike!Mike!Mike! What day is it?”

  15. I remember it too 🙂