Wyatt The PJ Puppy

“This is Wyatt. He was pulled from a kill shelter by a rescue organization (PawSafe in Patterson, New York) and adopted by my family in July.”


“He loves to sleep and won’t even wake up when I’m dressing him!”



Photos & submish by Taylor V.



  1. Rose Marie says:

    Yea on the rescue and adorable puppy!! It’s clear he is very much to home!! Here’s to a long, happy life for you all.

  2. that third picture is just keeling me.

  3. Bettymouse says:

    What a doll! He’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!

  4. megamissystar says:

    Don’t cry
    Don’t cry
    Don’t cry
    Dang it

  5. You would have to be the spawn of satan to kill a puppy like him.

  6. The words “kill” and “shelter” really don’t seem to go together, do they? This pup is so lucky to have found a loving home. He is beyond precious! 🙂

  7. He has JAMMIES! So adorbs! I want to snuggle him and take a nap along with him!

  8. Wyatt must be confused when he wakes up and he’s wearing the onesie. 😀

    He must cause quite a stir walking around the neighborhood being so frickin’ ADORABLE! So soft…

  9. That is a great shot–I think those two are going to be BFF! So happy that Wyatt found his perfect home, and thanks to all involved in the rescue.

  10. What a cute and lucky pup.

  11. The world is a much better place because somewhere there is a dog named Wyatt wearing PJ’s.

  12. chub chub puppy legs.

  13. And people like Taylor V and her family.

  14. Dog Lover says:

    Color me ded. Seriously.

  15. Amen!

  16. He totally reminds me of Bolt, espesh. in Photo 1.
    I love Photo 1.
    I love Wyatt.
    I love Taylor V for loving Wyatt.
    I love CO for loving Taylor’s photo of Wyatt in his onesie.

  17. Me too. Squared. *Thud*

  18. Katherine says:

    I love it too! I hope they get to have lots of fun times and snugglies and smooches!!!

  19. I fainted

  20. Smartypants says:

    Yes! My first thought was “It’s Bolt” and I didn’t even see the movie! Love him making friends in #3.

  21. Thank you good Hoomin family! What a precious baby!!