A Consumer Complaint

Dear Chew-Eez Toy Company:

I wish to complain about your “Lifelike Puppy Tail” chew toy. While the item is indeed lifelike, I have lately noticed that it causes me much discomfort while in use.

Therefore, I shall be abandoning your company and its products in favor of the offerings of your competitor, Amalgamated Rope, Inc. Good day.

Shannon O. sez: “I have a 2 year old Pug/Jack Russell mix. His name is Jack. I hope you find him as adorable as me and my family do!”



  1. Such a concerned lil’ face… Aww.

  2. Cute!

  3. Aw…Jack is adorable!

  4. Dear Amalgamated Rope, Inc.,
    I am an Andean Llama (pronounced “yama”, not to be confused with the Dalai Lama) and I wish to complain about the use of our fabulous fur made into puppeh chew toys. We are a noble breed of animal. It is an indignation.

    Mama Pajama

  5. This presumably written before or after she rolled out of bed and ran to the police station.

  6. As a Pomeranian puppy I could never reach my own tail as it curls upwards! I want to try this “Lifelike Puppy Tail” chew toy!

    Coco the Pomeranian Pup

  7. Dog Lover says:

    Qte to the elebentyth power!!! There is so much naughty going on in those eyes. 🙂

  8. Blue Footed Booby says:

    When I started college my family’s lab was quite fat. He missed me so much he got weird, did things like chew off the fur at the base of his tail. Mom took him to the vet, and the vet looked at him and said “huh, I wouldn’t have thought he could reach.” I wish I’d been there because I could have gone “OH SNAP!”

  9. Thanks, Theresa! Nice to know someone knows the lyric.

  10. Have all CO-ers I”M LOOKING ATCHEW, THERESA!!!!

    read the essay / pseudo Casefile from Wile E Coyote filing a Defective Consumer Products lawsuit, against his nemesis the Acme Corporation?????


  11. If I get that boy, gonna stick him in the House of Detention.

  12. Yeah; Google dat. The author is Ian Frazier.

  13. e z reader says:

    Or Dentition, for his teeth.

  14. The puppy eyes! *ded*

  15. Ooops; forgot the proper spelling of “puppeh”….